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The Department of Census and Statistics Library is a special library that has the unique role of collecting, preserving, and providing access to information resources produced by the Census & Statistics to DCS employees, government agencies, Researches, Universities students, school students and the public.

The core subjects of the DCS Library are: Statistics, Survey Methodology, National Accounts, Inflation and Price, MDG Indicators, Population, Education, Health, Income and Expenditure, Poverty, Agriculture, Labour Force, Industry,Trade, Sampling, Demography, Geography, Computer Technology, Census Histories, and International Census Data. The Library collects more selectively in a variety of other fields, including Sociology (General), Economics, and Management, particularly as they intersect with the UN Census. The DCS library is one of the main libraries of statistics in Sri lanka.

The DCS Library is located in the Ninth floor of the “Sankyana Mandiraya” of the Department of Census and statistics. In 1993 it was upgraded as a specialized research library.
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